Have you checked and read the page LinkIconFor visitors?
The procedure for individual visitor(s) (up to 5 persons) is different from the procedure for a group (more than 5 persons).

The automatic reply e-mail will be sent to you after you send a reservation format.
If you choose a "correct" scheduled day, it means that your reservation is completed.

"But" if you choose non-scheduled day, you cannot visit.
Please check carefully both our schedule and your visiting day again!

We do not accept your inquiry whether your reservation is correct orincorrect.
Please check your visiting day carefully "by yourself" !
Please do not reply to this e-mail.

Thank you so much.


After you send a reservation form, sometimes a warning ("There is a possibility that sending the mail is failure. Send the mail again.") is displayed on your monitor. However it has been actually completed to send the mail if you receive the automatic reply e-mail from us.
If you do not have automatic reply e-mail, send it again.

Check the calendar here.
The Calendar for visiting.
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