Welcome to our church.
We are a member church of a Protestant organization - the United Church of Christ in Japan.
We think that Sunday service is the most important activity.
A church is not just a building.
Worship of God makes a church.
Churches have been managing buildings for services well from generation to generation.
In some cases, construction took many years or more than 100 years.

In our case, when we wished to build a chapel here in Ibaraki City, we requested architect Tadao Ando to design it.
Our concept was that a church must be open to anybody and also should have dignity and beauty.
What we wanted is a simple building with sacred space which realizes Jesus Christ’s words “...Where two or three come together in my name, I am there with them.”
We encountered serious finance difficulties in building our new chapel.
However, Tadao Ando came up to our expectation successfully.
With the devoted cooperation of the Tatsumi Construction Company, our chapel was completed in May, 1989.
The work completed with dignity by Tadao Ando and the Tatsumi Construction company was beautiful.

10 years after our chapel was built, our new church hall was completed next to it. Tadao Ando designed the hall as well.
This time, Zenitaka Corporation constructed the building.
I remember Mr. Tadao Ando’s face which looked bright like a boy with a new toy when he brought a model of the future church hall to explain about his design.
Our chapel called the Church of the Light and our church hall named Sunday School by Tadao Ando are united like twins.
The building has been highly rated worldwide.
Since we built this church to worship God, we have been recommending our visitors to attend a service.